What would be 'selling low' on KAT?

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    I can’t think of any trades that fit the bill. The John Collins and Bam owners won’t entertain it.

    Things seem to be trending worse with each Twolves update.

    Jarret Allen?


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    At this point in the season, you gotta be looking at trades that will help you win categories and will help you get into/through the playoffs. The best trade suitors for Towns would be guys towards the top of your league standings. Go up and down the top 2-3 seeds’ teams and look for players who fit with the players already on your team.

    If you still want to look for value, look at guys who have struggled recently (Siakam may fit this, but may still be a tough get), or maybe guys like Christian Wood + (if you can get +), who don’t have as easily gauged value based on recent events.

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    Dan Besbris
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    What’s the format here? Playoffs? Are you going to miss them if you hold KAT?

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