Which is the best spot to pick in 9-Cat 12 teasers?

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    I’ve smearing the right to the first selection of where to draft this season. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts of another spot that is better to draft? Was thinking maybe 3 and taking best available, with hopes a nic name might get to my second pick. Any help appreciated, thanks heaps!

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    Hello, Robbie,

    I’m not 100% sure I’m tracking, but if I’m understanding correctly..give me the no. 5 pick. That way, I’m getting one of those top 5 undeniable players and I (you) get a pick sooner than if I’d gotten the no.1 pick.

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    Personally I like pick 5. The top 5 players are clear and this way you definitely will get one of them. Also you get to have a pick in the middle of the draft which is way better than being on the turn and having to wait 15+ picks between your selections

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    Dan Besbris
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    Top 5 works for me!

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