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    Alan Srochi
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    Hey guys, I’m curious about something. Fantasy teams are often made by strong waiver wire adds who wind up becoming integral parts of your team. Is there any player that you added a while ago that you’re afraid of regressing or even has started to?

    Take Joe Ingles for example, who has been a great waiver addition over the last two months. Now that Conley is back in the fold there is a cloud that hangs over what kind of fantasy player he could be moving forward.

    Let me know if you all have a player like that, the more responses the better! Curious to see if there is are certain players who pop up more than others for this.

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    Dan Besbris
    Rank: Legend

    Fun idea!

    Enes Kanter seems to have taken a step back recently…

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    LJ’s 4-Point Play
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    I’m not as bullish about Holmes’ post injury output as most folk seem to be.

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    Mine started regressing already… Tucker + House!

    But now I’m more worried of Nerlens (who I traded for in some spots) and Dunn too!

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    I was worried about Derrick Jones Jr. the last couple of weeks and now it seems he has moved below the cut line.

    I am also a bit worried on T. Bryant whom I bought low, stress reactions can be tricky and they might just keep his minutes restrictions throughout the year.

    I’m worried about Favors down the line, so hoping to sell high if possible.

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    Davis Bertans. Granted we all knew his torrid start would not last, coupled with trade rumors and the FG% regressing, it’s not pretty.

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    Graham, nunn and McRae for me. Nunn now Miami is healthy. Graham’s unsustainable shooting and McRae with Washington getting healthy.

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