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    Trying to get ahead of things before I have to make the actual drops. Here is the predicament.

    I’m in a 12 team H2H weekly points league. I currently sit in 1st place w/ a 3 game lead and 4 weeks left in the regular season (including this one).

    Here’s my team and their 30 day averages to help give you an idea on how we score things.

    Harden – 33.9
    Jrue – 21.7
    Cp3 – 24.2
    Lavine – 21.2
    Covington – 17.4
    Oubre – 17.9
    Markelle Fultz – 15.2
    Fournier – 13.7
    TJ Warren – 19
    Buddy Heild – 19.8
    Mike Conley – 13.9
    Larry Nance Jr – 19.1
    Malik Beasley – 13.5
    Kevin Porter Jr – 12.1
    Norman Powell – 15 (Season Average)
    Lauri Markkanen- 15.2 (Season Average)

    Markkanen and Powell are both coming back off of injury here shortly, and I still have 3 weeks left of runway until my playoffs begin, which I hope is enough time for them to work back into a full roll. I only have 1 IR spot, which means Powell is already in my lineup. However, I am going to have to drop someone for Lauri….and I just don’t know who.

    There are stories all over the place on my roster. You’ve got Hield and Oubre who have struggled of late, but feel like holds because of their ceiling. You’ve got Fournier who is inconsistent, but can go off like he did last night. You’ve got Fultz who may or may not be impacted by DJ as he works back into shape. Then you’ve got Nance who is walking the razors edge in terms of minutes, but has somehow remained consistent. Conley who had a solid streak, then got sick, missed the back to back, and looked awful last night….and lastly, Kevin Porter Jr. who I “think” has a clear runway from here on out, but you never know…

    Help !!?!?

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    Dan Besbris
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    Powell’s return date is still a bit nebulous. He might end up as the guy though tough to say right now

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    Kyle Grewal
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    Well, if Lauri beats Powell back you could just swap Lauri in and Powell into your IR.

    You’re holding Oubre and Hield, just have to, although points leagues are quite a bit different than what I’m used to, but you still have to hold those guys unless there is a 5-7 game stretch of nothing, unlikely though.

    Don’t get too attached to Lauri or Powell – you’re in a good position so just be ready to drop either, like Dan said tough to say right now. Also, since Powell on your current roster, if someone hot shows up on the wire, I would pounce! (With Toronto full strength will be harder for Powell to consistently produce)

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