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    Help please. I’m looking at having a streaming spot. Who are the two players I can consider dropping out of this bunch? I’m looking at possibly Harris, Hayward and Gay.

    H2H, 14-team, 9-cat, punting blk & fg

    Devin Booker
    Mikal Bridges
    Mike Conley
    Robert Covington (IL)
    Rudy Gay
    Blake Griffin
    Gary Harris (INJ)
    Gordon Hayward
    Jeremy Lamb
    Kevin Love
    Josh Richardson
    Nikola Vucevic
    Derrick White (INJ)

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    Dan Besbris
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    Keep Gay. He’s been a top-50ish guy in 9-cat.

    Hayward is a streamer slot for sure. Then yes, Harris would be next, but I think I’d settle for 1 streamer for now.

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    Hayward is droppable. I’d be reluctant to drop Harris unless you’re fighting for a playoff spot and truly can’t afford to wait on him. Gay is way too good in 9-cat to drop, especially in a 14-team league. If you need to open up a second spot, consider making a 2-for-1 trade involving Vucevic. He’s a poor fit for your build and the Magic have a dreaded two-game week in the middle of the H2H playoffs anyway.

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    So it’s Hayward for now and I’ll just wait for news on Harris after the break.

    Thanks for the input guys!

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    Agree! Great call guys!

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