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      16t 9cat h2h

      Holmes went undrafted and I really want him on my team. Have trouble figuring out if I have anyone to drop and who? Since at the end of draft I got guys who I wanted and there was just not enough space for Holmes 🙂

      End of my team: Thybulle (upside play, really dont wanna drop before the season starts), Bacon, Monk, Osman, Kleber, Powell.

      Thinking I could drop Bacon or Monk? Just have a feeling with all the minutes available in CHA, one of them will have a good season for sure 🙂 Also was thinking about dropping Osman but then I checked B150 again 😀

      Rest of my team (maybe I have enough bigs and I can leave Holmes on waiver): Drummond, Young, CP3, Conley, Isaac, Miles Bridges, Mcgee, Powell, Kleber, Osman, Monk, Bacon, Thybulle.

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      Lyle Swithenbank
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      I would drop Powell. Probably controversial, however hamstring injuries always linger (who knows how long it restricts him even when he is cleared to come back). Kleber pairs well with the Porzingod and will eat into minutes at the 4 and 5 (particularly if he keeps playing as well as he has in the preseason). Powell really is a like for like swap with Holmes. It’s personal preference, but I like Holmes more than Powell.

      Osman has to break out. Has to. Please break out! Someone at the Cavs has to do something.

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      At this point you’re rolling the dice on some of those guys anyway. When I REALLY can’t choose between two players I often consider who I will enjoy watching play more.

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      Dan Besbris
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      I’d say just wait until a game or 2 happens. I don’t think anyone is grabbing Holmes in that league if they didn’t already draft him.

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