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      I’m picking 5th in a 9cat H2H and I’m pretty sure I’m getting Giannis. Doing the mocks I’m struggling finding the right guy to pair with him in round two.

      Should i try to Pair to his strengths and find a poor ft shooter (Ben/Drummond) or should i look to strengthen his weaknesses and find 3pt and ft% (Any of the 2nd round guards )

      Who would your top options be to pair him with?

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      Dan Besbris
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      I’m a non-punter, so my vote is find someone to help cover his weaknesses, but really, BEST PLAYER is the best move.

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      I go for a PG if one of the elite guys are still on the board.

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      Trae in youe elite tier? he seems to be there more often than not

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      why not Ben Simmons which you can get in 3rd round. Ben & Giannis this would be awesome punt FT team but all your defensive stats and assists are a lock!

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      It would be punt Ft/TO/3Pt. 3 cat punt is tough to pull off.

      Seems like a difficult line to take throughout the whole draft. Really limits who you can take later. And if one of them gets hurt then it’s gunna be very tough to come back from that

Viewing 5 reply threads
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