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    Who to choose 3rd overall, and how to build around my 4 keepers?
    Any shared wisdom is much appreciated!

    9-cat Roto on Yahoo, 11 teams, snaking draft, picking 3rd, this Sunday
    Keeper league, 4 players kept per season, 3 seasons played max per player.

    Keepers from other teams:
    Giannis, Jokic, Donovan, Booker, Trae, Vucevic, Turner, Capela, Aldridge, Drummond, Lavine, Tobias, D’Angelo, Lopez, Tatum, W.Carter, Buddy, Siakam, Brogdon, Porzingis, Bryant, Fox, Van Vleet, J.Collins, Favors, M.Robinson, Bagley, Ingram, Adebayo

    My Keepers and pick cost:
    R2 – Ayton 20th
    R6 – Doncic 64th
    R8 – Markannen 86th
    R12 – Shai G 130th

    My picks:
    R1 – 3rd – KAT, Harden, Davis or Curry?
    R2 – 20th – Ayton
    R3 – 25th and 32nd
    R4 – 38th, 39th and 42nd

    R5 – 47th
    R6 – 64th – Doncic
    R7 – 69th
    R8 – 86th – Markannen
    R9 – 91st
    R10 – no pick
    R11 – 113th
    R12 – 130th – Shai Gilgeous
    R13 – no pick
    R14 – no pick
    R15 – 157th

    Option A – KAT, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai
    Option B – Harden, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai
    Option C – Curry, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai
    Option D – Davis, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai

    Which option would you choose, and what players to target to fill out the team?

    Early options in rounds 3 and 4 – Simmons, Draymond, CP3, then next tier would be Jaren.Jr, Zion, Conley, Westbrook, then Derozan, Otto, Bledsoe … others?

    Cheers, I owe you a beer!!!

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    Looking at who is no longer available, you really need to get bigs early so i would order your first pick: Davis, KAT, Harden, Curry.
    Then you should get CP3 + Draymond in r3.
    R4 go for conley, jjj, Otto. If either cp3 or conley are taken jist get the best player in that tier and get Bledsoe r5. He went r6 in my league, ppl are scared of his injury. If you are good with the pgs and dont need bledsoe I would go for Isaac in the 5th. R7 I would focus on Oubre or Miles Bridges. R9 get the best big available probably mcgee or z.collins since you dont have a 10th pick. For your last 4 picks consider: Satoransky, Bertans, Herro (may need to get him in r9 and hope a decent big remains), Hachimura, Taurean prince, Jarrett culver, nerlons noel, jerami grant, rudy gay

    Good luck!

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    Dan Besbris
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    I think you take the best remaining guy in the 1st round and then make your calls from there. If you’re too worried about pairings you’re going to miss on value. Remember, you can always trade guys later…

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    Danpak, thanks very much man, that’s exactly what I was looking to hear, I love this forum!

    (meanwhile, I’ll go do my civic duty now and see if I can help anyone in return)

    and Dan B, I was thinking the same thing, but it will fundamentally come down to big or small, do I prefer to pair either Harden/Curry with my guys, or KAT/Davis? … I’m leaning towards a big, and KAT I can keep for this season and 2 more, Davis might not last that long on those knees … KAT, Harden, Curry, Davis… tough call

    my team is starting with a FG% drag, how could i absorb a guy like Harden?

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    KAT is the most durable but AD’s injury concerns are really overblown. He tends to play through most of his injuries, and last year was a fluke due to the situation. I would definitely not write out AD, who is only 26. KAT is more consistent but AD has a higher ceiling and both are young.

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    HMmmm, very true, thanks Annakarina

    if both KAt and AD are gone at 3rd, would you go Harden or Curry?
    (for Roto, to mix with Ayton, Luca, Lauri and Shai)

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    The traded picks weren’t registered, so I just got whoever they picked in trade afterwards. Ended up with CJMc, Otto and Bledsoe, not too shabby.

    (11 team, roto, 9-cat, keeper, yahoo)

    1. (3) Karl-Anthony Towns (Min – C)
    2.K (20) Deandre Ayton  (Pho – C)
    3. (25) Mike Conley (Uta – PG)
    3* (32) CJ McCollum (Por – PG,SG)
    4* (38) Otto Porter (Chi – SF)
    4* (39) Eric Bledsoe (Mil – PG)
    4. (42) Bam Adebayo (Mia – PF,C)
    5. (47) Josh Richardson (Phi – SG,SF)
    6.K (64) Luka Doncic  (Dal – PG)
    7. (69) Dejounte Murray (SA – PG)
    8.K (86) Lauri Markkanen  (Chi – PF)
    9. (91) Zach Collins (Por – PF,C)
    11. (113) Tyler Herro (Mia – SG)
    13.K (135) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC – PG,SG)
    15. (157) John Wall (Was – PG)

    I made the same mistakes I always do, choosing guys based on hype and potential, and ignoring solid veterans.

    Thanks again for the help!

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    Dan Besbris
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    That’s a stellar team.

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    Thanks Dan (another Dan!? … I’m also a Dan)

    that’s what I get for trading my expiring assets off at Dec last year, hopefully this is the first year of my dynasty

    any advice on what stats I’ll need to pick up?

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    sorry, just saw the rate my team thread, i’ll post there


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