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    Hey all. 2 Q’s:

    In order to win the week it looks like I need to make more moves. To do so I’m wondering which, of any of these guys I could let go of. My personal thought is none…yet. So it’s either continue to stash/hold until the trade deadline, or try to win this week (against a tough opponent).

    Of the group I’d want to drop Nance (as he’s been terrible), but I drafted him and have held this long, so I figure I should keep holding… JC I picked up recently cuz he was playing well, and plan to keep him with the Teague trade (got lucky there). RH is on IR, and he’s only in this list for my second Q:

    Can you rank these guys? I realize trades over the next few weeks could alter thier value. But If I need to make a sudden move, it would likely be one of these guys that go (unless RoCo gets moved somewhere bad).

    10team 13man h2h points league. Currently in 7th.

    Larry Nance Jr.
    Christen Wood
    Sekou Doumbouya
    Richaun Holmes
    Jarret Culver

    Here are some wire guys that I could try for after the week is over (and or may use as WW pickups):

    Michael Porter Jr
    Shabazz Napier
    Damion Lee

    lmk what you think!

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    Dan Besbris
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    I’d probably stand pat, though Nance or Wood are the clear drops since they need someone traded to move into value, and we know that trades are never 100% guaranteed.

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    Id drop Nance for Lee hes looks better. Nance takes no part at all in the offence even when TT and Love are out.

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    It hurts taking a loss when you want a win, so if winning ultimately wins out (no pun intended), then Nance, Wood, and Sekou would be the guys I would drop in that order. There’s sure to be some nice guys floating on the wire in addition to the three you mentioned. Nance and Wood need a trade (Drummond seems inevitable, as does Tristan, but Love’s contract is tricky).

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