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    Terry Rozier and Jonas traded for Kemba Walker in a H2H league. Team trading Walker lost Curry and has lost threes every week. Would you veto?

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    Dont veto unless they are cheating…

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    Dan Besbris
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    That’s a pretty wretched trade. It’s borderline. I’m almost always on the side of LET IT GO, but that’s absurdly bad. Do you think you could sniff out collusion if it was happening?

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    Veto thats ridiculous

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    Not at all. They may be punting threes now. Only veto if you can prove they are cheating.

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    Capt. Caineghis
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    It’s natural to look at a trade and determine which side you think is getting the better deal, but over the years I’ve come to be of the camp that only trades that are suspect to collusion should be vetoed.

    Maybe the Curry owner is panicking and thinks this move increases his team’s depth?

    I don’t know, but nothing sucks more than expending the time and energy to perform a nice buy-low, only to have it overturned.

    [Edit: not that Kemba is a buy low]

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