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    Grabbed Wright after the trade hoping Conley would be moved too. Tyler Johnson was just dropped after 2 unimpressive Phoenix games. Is he worth the swap?


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    Kinda depends on your team build, but Wright offers the better overall stat set, provided he can get the minutes. TJ is mainly attractive given the expectation that he gets all the starters minutes if/when Booker gets shutdown, but even then there are a lot of guards/wings that kind of soak up stats on the Suns.

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    I just dropped both of them lol. I am taking a flier on wes matthews and I also picked up mitch robinson.

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    Dan Besbris
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    Yeah, I’m not sure Johnson or Wright ends up decent. I think we can play more of a wait and see since both guys have stunk so far. Tyler has the easier access to PG mins, but he’s still clunky ol’ Tyler Johnson at the end of the day.

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