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      Capt. Caineghis
      Rank: All-Star

      We all know how much default ranks staring your league in the face on draft day impact where guys go. With that in mind, Yahoo recently updated their default ranks with some pretty noticeable changes.

      What movements, up or down, have you all noticed that you’re excited or disappointed by?

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      Vegemite Toast
      Rank: All-Star

      Everything i have noticed involved guys coming up the rankings and getting closer to where i have been taking them.

      No obvious wins yet. Need to look into it a bit closer.

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      Dan Besbris
      Rank: Legend

      I’m seeing some of the buzziest guys coming ever-so-slightly back to earth. Also seeing Derrick Favors coming back to earth a bit in projections, too.

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      Capt. Caineghis
      Rank: All-Star

      Some takeaways I’ve noticed:

      KAT is now 4, when he was a steal at 5
      Giannis is 5, where he probably should be

      A good amount of slight shakeups around the 2nd round, I’ll just list them:

      10 Beal
      11 Irving
      12 PG
      13 Kawhi
      14 Jimmy
      15 Jrue
      16 Kemba
      17 Trae
      18 Gobert
      19 Vooch
      20 Mitch Rob
      22 Ayton
      23 Westy
      24 John Collins

      Westbrook has dropped from 13 down to 23

      Mitch Rob has climbed to 20
      CP3 is now 25!!

      Drummond is now a steal at pick 26
      Luka has dropped to 27
      De’Aaron Fox has climbed to 28

      Draymond climbs to 29

      Otto Porter has taken a big jump up to 34, so he’s no longer the steal he was before

      Robert Covington is 35!! I love him, but taking him with my third pick? No thanks.

      Jayson Tatum also has lost his value. He was in the 50s before – now he has a price tag of 37.

      Devin Booker has become much more affordable dropping all the way down to 38 when he was around 18.

      Zion is at 41.

      BroLo finds himself at 42, losing some value.

      Favors is finally regressing…down to 56.

      Jonathan Isaac makes a BIG jump all the way up to 59.

      Bam Adebayo drops to 60…thank you!

      Oubre Jr. and Miles bridges climb a round to 72 and 73

      Jeff Teague jumps by 3 rounds!! Up to 77 and no longer a value pick.

      Shai has lost some luster and falls to pick 80 where he becomes a solid value pick in my opinion

      Ja Morant looks nice at 84

      Batum jumps to 89…no thanks…

      Davis Bertans also makes a big jump from a last round flier to pick 98.

      Caris LeVert falls to 102.

      Wiggins climbs to 108….hard pass.

      Thadattude jumps to 110…sorry Dan, I can’t do it!

      Kent Bazemore has entered the standard league ranks at 137

      DeAndre Jordan drops to 142…sensibly…

      These are my initial takeaways. What do you all think?

      There will be more adjustments to come.

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      Dan Besbris
      Rank: Legend

      Old guys moving up is not my favorite occurrence.

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        Capt. Caineghis
        Rank: All-Star

        Yes sir, definitely a few strange moves, and a few that will unfortunately price out some guys for us, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find some new diamonds in the rough.

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