• A day after Jimmy Butler pledged to take on more of the scoring load for the Wolves, he dropped 25 points on Phoenix with seven rebounds, five assists and a Triple-1 while shooting 5-of-17 from the field and 14-of-16 from the field.

    It was more James Buckets than Jimmy G. Buckets (the G stands for “gets”) tonight, and this probably isn’t what Butler had in mind when he vowed to score more for Minnesota. Still, he wasn’t shy about looking for his own opportunities tonight and it’s great to see his free throw numbers climb back up to their elite norms. This follows a three-game stretch where Butler scored 28 points combined and there’s still a great opportunity to buy low on a top-20 player. There will be more heavy usage nights like this coming his way as the Wolves settle into their new ecosystem, and any skittish owners might let Butler go at a discount right now.

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