• Nikola Jokic was moved to the bench and scored six points on 2-of-7 shooting with three rebounds, one assist and one steal in just 20 minutes of action on Saturday against the Pistons.

    BUY. LOW. Relish in talk of being a bust. Make ridiculous offers with top-75 guys or even a big name top-100 guy.  Michael Malone expressed regret about how he has used Jokic after the game.

    “I told him I feel like I’ve done him a disservice almost, exploring playing big. There are some good things with that, but I took a kid who had a great year last year, changed his position on him and it hasn’t been easy for him. So my hope is to try to get him more minutes at 5. He will play some 4 at times but we need to get Nikola back.” 

    Yes, there are some issues with Malone rotating his bigs, but Jokic is too good and Malone is too smart to let this get too far out of hand.  Also, the Nuggets are extremely discombobulated with the way Emmanuel Mudiay is running the team.  A change in tempo could go a long way for all of them.  

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