• Russell Westbrook hit just 5-of-22 shots in Friday’s loss to the Spurs, finishing with 15 points to go with nine rebounds and nine assists.

    Westbrook is bringing back top 30-75 value (8/9 cat) because he’s hitting just 40 percent of his substantial 17.7 field goal attempts per game, but that’s way down from last year’s 24.0 per game and even down from 18.1 per game in Kevin Durant’s last season. 

    Clearly he’s letting Paul George (18 points, 5-of-16 FGs, seven boards, six assists, three steals) and Carmelo Anthony (20 points, 9-of-17 FGs, six boards, three assists, one block, two threes) shoot the ball but that’s probably going to have to swing back the other direction sooner rather than later.  This is the best buy low territory you’ll find on Westbrook and owners should start to look at parting with an asset in the top-16 for 8-cat and top-30 for 9-cat. 

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