• Jalen Brunson
    PG, Dallas Mavericks

    Jalen Brunson logged 17.9 mpg across 57 games, including 16 starts, for the Mavs on his way to 279/289 per-game value before suffering a season ending shoulder injury that required surgery to repair his torn right labrum.

    Brunson saw his minutes decrease by almost four in his sophomore season with the Mavs as the team had their sights set on their first playoff appearance since 2015-16. Even though he saw fewer minutes, his stats remained consistent season over season: 8.2 points (-1.1), 2.4 rebounds (+0.1), 3.3 assists (+0.1), 0.4 steals (-0.1), 0.8 threes (-0.1) and 1.2 turnovers (+0.0) with .466/.358/.813 shooting splits. Brunson will likely continue to operate as the primary back-up point guard for the Mavs next season and his fantasy ceiling is likely around the top-225 in that role.

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