• Sekou Doumbouya
    PF, Detroit Pistons

    Sekou Doumbouya finished his first NBA season as a top-355/375 per-game player (8/9-cat).

    Doumbouya was a hot pickup after a run of strong games in January but the growing pains were real. After a three-game stretch where he totaled 52 points from January 11-15, Doumbouya would only hit double digits one more time all season, even falling out of the rotation so he could catch a break and continue to adjust to the speed of the NBA. We can't be too hard on him since he was the youngest player in the league and surrounded by very limited talent, but Doumbouya couldn't get any momentum even when Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond were out of the picture. He should be a centerpiece for Detroit moving forward and will be a fun name to track during draft season.

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