• Abudushalamu Abudurexiti
    F, Golden State Warriors

    Chinese prospect Abudushalamu Abudurexiti will play for the Warriors in Summer League.

    Say that five times fast. Abudurexiti had a few meetings in the pre-draft process and is a 6'8" wing who can shoot the three. He only started playing competitively at 16 (he's 22 now) and began to draw attention in 2017 when FIBA named him one of the top young players in Asia. He'll be a fascinating player to watch in Vegas but his lack of strength and polish will keep him out of the NBA in the immediate future. Abudurexiti has also said that he's modeled his game after Joe Ingles somewhat, which is both amusing and highly encouraging. It's pronounced Ah-BOO-Doo-Shah-LAH-Moo Ah-BOO-Doo-Rex-EE-Tee, in case you were wondering.

    Source: Michael Scotto on Twitter

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