• Al Horford
    C/F, Boston Celtics

    Al Horford served up more quiet excellence in Wednesday's 96-83 win, finishing with 15 points, 12 rebounds, one assist, one steal and one 3-pointer.

    Horford finished as a game-high plus-22. His work on the glass (plus a strong effort from Aron Baynes) helped neutralize Tristan Thompson early and the Celtics got out to a big lead that they managed to hold despite some pushes from Cleveland throughout. Marcuses (Marcii?) Smart and Morris each pitched in 13 off the bench while Jaylen Brown overcame a 4-of-15 shooting night to score 17 of his own. The Cavs will surely shoot better than .265 from deep on their home floor but if the Celtics can get well-rounded production from all seven of their main rotation guys, it might be too much to overcome even if the longballs start to fall. If nothing else, expect Horford to continue his superb play.

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