• Al Horford gave it his best shot on Monday but came up a bit flat, hitting 6-of-14 shots for 15 points, five assists and four boards with no steals, blocks or triples.

    It’s going to be hard to win when your leading scorer only scores 15 points in the NBA and that’s what happened on Monday night when the Celtics lost 85-108 to the Bulls. Horford played through a bit of knee inflammation and the Bulls announcers didn’t know if he’d be back in after the end of the first quarter. The Celtics are off until Wednesday so Horford should have some time to relax and they play at home so unless he suffers a setback he should be available for that game. Horford is having a statistical season for the ages by shooting 45 percent from three with high assist and scoring numbers as a center. If you own him continue to enjoy the production this year. 

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