• Alex Len scored 19 points on 5-of-12 shooting (9-of-13 FTs) with 16 rebounds, six assists, one steal and two blocks over 34 minutes in Sunday’s road win over the Grizzlies.

    The big things here are the minutes and the blocks because he hasn’t been able to truly get going because of a lack of defensive stats.  It’s why his two-month splits are so pedestrian at top 125-150 (8/9 cat) returns, as he had just 1.4 combined steals and blocks per game over 25.9 mpg in 21 games.  Things haven’t been much better lately in the last two weeks, as he has hit just 41 percent of his field goals and 70 percent of his free throws to go with 2.7 turnovers per game, returning a top 100-150 value (8/9 cat) despite a whopping 18.4 points, 12.3 rebounds and an improved 1.7 combined steals and blocks over 32.3 mpg.

    The keys here are that the Suns will improve with Brandon Knight returning, and though his counting stats might dip a bit, his efficiency will travel back toward his 45.3 FG% on the year and hopefully back to his 50.7 FG% from the year before.  Ankle concerns probably won’t go away and that may be why he hasn’t been able to build off last year’s 1.5 blocks per game in just 22.0 mpg.  Owners need to be realistic about his efficiency issues and not blindly believe he has been even a mid-round asset over the past few weeks and months, but be hopeful and watchful for overall improvement on a team level so he doesn’t need to do too much on offense.

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8th round value since the markieff trade seems a fairer split

with plenty of room for improvement in %s and defense


really like the way you adress a certain issue such as Alex Len or J Green from Memphis, and not only doing a simmary of what happend on a given night

Ace Tran

Thanks for the support and feedback!





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