• Alex Len
    C, Phoenix Suns

    Alex Len, in what was presumably his last game with the Suns, ended his season on a strong note with 18 points on 8-of-10 shooting to go with five rebounds, six assists and a block.

    The Suns and Len were headed from a divorce from the second he signed his qualifying offer last offseason. He hasn't developed quite as hoped but it didn't help that the Suns continually jerked him around and benched him in favor of older, less effective alternatives. Len's inconsistency (and participation in a three-man DNP rotation) made him pretty tough to count on, so this may go down as one of the least usable top-190 seasons in recent memory. The fact that he played in 68 games boosted him to top-180 returns on the full season but that's not going to rock anyone's world. We'll see what the free agent market holds.

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