• Alex Len will start and be the primary scorer for the Suns for the rest of the season according to coach Earl Watson.

    “Who’s playing two 7-footers any more?” Suns interim head coach Earl Watson said. “We have this trend of playing small ball and we know the greatest small ball team is the Warriors. We’re not going to catch them. Let’s create a new trend. Let’s let Alex Len get experience.”  Watson sometimes overstates things so Len might not be the primary scorer when Brandon Knight (groin) returns, and we’ve already seen Devin Booker get primary scorer props and get relegated to ball-watcher.  But the mandate to play and start Len is real and so is the upside.  P.J. Tucker said he thinks we’ll see 30 & 20 games from Len, speaking to the fact it’s no secret he’s going to get run.  Aren’t you glad you held him? 

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