• Amir Johnson and Richaun Holmes barely got off the bench on Monday, combining for 13 minutes, three points, six boards and a steal.

    Holmes has been a guy we’ve been touting for some time due to his amazing fantasy skill set and the fact that he’s a solid NBA player that can contribute big time for the Sixers. Johnson has been ahead of him in the rotation which has capped his value and he’s been playing well enough to stay there, but tonight Coach Brown opted to play neither of them which is somewhat of a win for Holmes. Holmes is still a luxury stash or handcuff for Embiid at this point, but there’s a back-to-back game coming up which means Embiid may rest and that means Holmes has another opportunity to overtake Johnson in the rotation. If this happens you’ll want to be the first guy scooping him up off the wire because in a 20 minute role, Holmes is a top-80caliber player and if he somehow stumbles upon a 30 minute role, top-40 is within striking distance.

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