• Andre Drummond
    C, Detroit Pistons

    Andre Drummond say he has been working and plans on shooting 3-pointers in the upcoming season.

    “I don’t do stuff (on the court) just to have fun,” Drummond told theScore when questioned about his 3-point shenanigans. “If I’m taking those shots, (it’s because) I’m working on it for the upcoming season. Those are shots that I’m gonna be taking," Andre Drummond told the Score. “I make at least 200 corner 3s every day before I leave the gym. I’m getting them up. I’m getting the same shot up over and over again, so I’m getting more comfortable with it. It’s been great so far,” he explained. Drummond drastically improved his free throw percentage last season, raising it from 45 percent in 2016-17 to 60 percent. A lot of players practice shots that they do not necessarily take in games, but Drummond seems adamant that he plans on taking corner threes during games. If he does begin shooting 3-pointers expect his field goal percentage to take a slight hit, but if he can knock them down with decent efficiency it would be an overall boost to his value.

    Source: Dan Feldman of NBC Sports