• Austin Rivers
    PG/SG, Los Angeles Clippers

    Austin Rivers played through an elbow injury in Wednesday's season finale but turned in a brutal effort, scoring one point with six assists and a steal while missing all nine shots from the floor.

    Rivers only played in 61 games this season, though 18 of those were a result of a right Achilles strain right around the new year. A December concussion cost him two games and he missed the penultimate game of the year with a sore elbow before returning to face the Lakers. The brittle nature of the Clippers backcourt really helped him out, as he was able to finish as a top-125/140 option in 8/9-cat formats this year, carried largely by 4.0 assists, 2.2 triples, 1.2 steals and 15.1 points per game — all career-highs. That was enough to outweigh spotty efficiency, though it is worth nothing that he averaged just 0.6 steals per game in 2016-17 in only six fewer minutes a night. On the full season Rivers landed just outside the top-160 but was a standard league play whenever he was healthy.

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