• The Thunder coach knew that in the teeth of a tight game Monday night the Houston Rockets likely would foul Andre Roberson intentionally but he stayed with him late in the game.

    Roberson didn’t play the entire fourth quarter but after the 2-minute mark he was back on the court making an impact by blocking a late 3-pointer by James Harden and helping force a Houston turnover in the closing seconds. Roberson made 2-of-4 free throws off the intentional fouls in the fourth quarter and while Donovan said that 50 percent from the foul line is “not great,” he has confidence in him. “You can go in the gym and work all you want, but it’s different than going into the gym and dealing with an actual game. I think this will help him because of the time he’s put in.” Sitting outside the top-150 Roberson can offer plenty of defensive stats but his percentages will hurt owners.

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