• Blake Griffin
    F, Detroit Pistons

    A day after Anthony Davis requested a trade from the Pelicans, there were whispers that Blake Griffin was following a similar path and looking to make a move from the Pistons but he extinguished that notion on Tuesday night.

    “Myself or my agent or my people haven’t said anything. I heard that (rumor) buzzing around a little bit, but you have to consider the source on some of those things,” Griffin said. “Like Tom, I still believe in this team and we can turn this around and rattle off a couple wins.” Blake is in the midst of a career year and looks like a lock to make the All-Star team averaging 26.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 2.4 triples per game. It appears that he has a close relationship with owner Tom Gores and the team will reportedly be looking to upgrade their talent and make a final push for the Eastern Conference playoffs.

    Source: The Detroit News

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