• Boban Marjanovic
    C, Los Angeles Clippers

    Boban Marjanovic received MVP chants in the fourth quarter of Wednesday's game, scoring 18 points with eight rebounds in 18 minutes.

    Marjanovic always seems to torment the Nuggets but hopefully Doc Rivers lets him try his hand against other teams. Marjanovic was 6-of-8 from both the field and the line in this one and would be a fantasy darling if Rivers could just give him even 15 mpg. He equaled starter Marcin Gortat (6 & 6 in 18 minutes) and played more than Montrezl Harrell (6 & 5 with two blocks on a surprising 2-of-8 shooting in 16 minutes) in this one, and the fact that he was the only Clipper with a positive plus-minus tonight is another feather in his cap. We've been on this ride before and it's not likely to go anywhere, but it can't possibly hurt to put Boban on your watch list.

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