• The Lakers want Brandon Ingram to take his game to the next level by consulting with Kobe Bryant.

    “I can coach Brandon, but Brandon is a much better basketball player than I was… He can learn a lot from someone like Kobe that has been through it and a has a certain skill that is much higher than me or anyone on our staff had,” coach Luke Walton said. “It will be great if they can get in the gym together and Kobe can show him some of the drills and the amount of times he spent on just the basics [of footwork], all of those simple things he spent hours and hours on.”

    Kobe has been open to the idea of working out with players in the offseason and has exchanged text messages with Ingram throughout the season. The 19 year old finished the season outside of the top-300 in standard leagues but was trending upward in the last couple of months with a significant improvement in his field goal percentage. He was inside the top-200 for the last month of the season. Expect him to crack the top-150 next season.

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