• Brandon Knight played 29 minutes in a loss to the Wolves on Monday, finishing with 8-of-13 from the field to go along with 5-of-5 from the line, two boards, four dimes and three turnovers.

    Knight had no money counting stats tonight and hasn’t really been getting them this entire season anyway. He’s outside of the top-250 this season (yikes) because of his lack of steals (0.6), treys (0.8), lackluster assists (2.9) and god-awful field goal percentage (38.3% on 11.6 attempts per game). He’s such an afterthought on this Suns team despite being one of the better players (based on past seasons) and he’s no guarantee to even come close to being a decent fantasy asset this year. It’s hard to call for a drop since his upside is high, but if there’s a hot free agent that’s sure to stick around, maybe it’s not a bad idea to move on from him in standard leagues assuming he’s your worst player by far.

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