• Brook Lopez only played 20 minutes on Sunday, but blocked two shots to go with 10 points, five boards and a 3-pointer.

    Lopez has been forgettable lately and part of the reason is because he hasn’t topped the 30 minute mark since November 17th. There’s no reason to think that the minutes will significantly increase either, as Larry Nance Jr. has returned and Coach Walton has no problems splitting minutes between all of his bigs. Tonight Lopez had a tough draw against the run and gun Rockets who boast the second highest offensive rating in the league with a top-10 pace. When you look at those ingredients, it’s no wonder that Lopez didn’t play many minutes, but in the end Coach Walton isn’t committed to playing him big minutes which puts a cap on his season long outlook. On the year he’s still providing top-100 value, but the mid-round numbers look like they”re running away.

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