• Tyler Ulis played just 21 minutes on Wednesday and finished with five points, three assists and a 3-pointer but backup Isaiah Canaan wasn’t much better in his 22 minutes, notching five points, four assists and a 3-pointer on 2-of-9 shooting.

    These two are locked in a timeshare and things don’t look to be changing any time soon. Unfortunately the Suns are strict enough with the definition that both Ulis and Canaan see minutes in the low twenties, capping both ceilings pretty hard. Canaan is the guy to look at if you need threes and scoring, while Ulis is the man for steals and assists. It’s also worth pointing out that Ulis has a better long-term outlook, with Canaan looking more and more like a replacement-level player when he’s not shooting the lights out. Leave this duo to the deep leaguers.

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