• Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson met on Saturday to talk things out stemming from the comments Jackson made about how Anthony holds the ball too long and stalls the offense.

    This is not the first time the two have talked. They talked before a practice at the University of Southern California and that was considered “short” but then was summoned outside the gym by Jackson and players teased “Oooooh, you got called to the principal’s office.” Later on, Anthony said that “it was behind me. I wasn’t letting it linger…it wasn’t affecting me. It was just if I got an opportunity to speak to him I’d tell him kind of how I felt about what was said, if anything was misinterpreted. He spoke his piece.” Saturday was the first interaction since all the drama started but hopefully this helped both sides gather more understanding from each other. The Knicks have 10 wins in their last 14 games and will look to continue playing well on Sunday against the Lakers. 

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