• According to Darren Wolfson of KSTP.com, the Cavs want Andrew Wiggins plus “something of substance” for Kyrie Irving.

    The Cavs keep asking for the moon and the stars in all Kyrie conversations but they find themselves in a tough spot with their PG. Kyrie seems to be done with playing with LeBron so the only leverage they have is having him on the books for another two years but it’s safe to say the Cavs team chemistry will be less than ideal if a trade is not agreed upon. Wiggins is a 22-year-old wing who shows massive potential though his production has been inefficient so asking for more than that for Kyrie is a tough pill to swallow for the Wolves. Look for the Cavs to keep trying to extract the most value possible for their 25-year-old scoring savant of a PG as trade talks should heat up as the summer begins to wind down.


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