• Kyrie Irving
    G, Boston Celtics

    The Celtics held a team meeting following their third-straight loss Friday as they fell to the bucks 120-107 at home.

    Boston is a fine, but disappointing 18-13 on the season and are looking to get out of their funk. Jayson Tatum said, "I don't know if we're there again," referring to the 10-10 start to the season, "but we're not where we want to be." Kyrie Irving said the team, including himself, is playing "selfish" basketball. Irving also stated how it's a long process that requires trust from everyone, "it's an everyday job." Everyone is assuming the Celtics will finally mesh at some point this season, but congregating that much talent can be hard to navigate, and we're seeing it play out that way.

    Source: Jay King on The Athletic

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