• Chris Paul
    G, Houston Rockets

    Chris Paul delivered 24 points (9-of-15 shooting), eight rebounds, six assists, a steal and five 3-pointers to close out his regular season on Tuesday against the Thunder.

    Paul dealt with another hamstring injury in the middle of the season and saw his shooting hit its lowest mark since he entered the league, but was still able to deliver nearly top-20 value on a per-game basis. He played in 58 games this season, the same amount as last year and as he ages the missed games will start to pile up. The assists, steals and triples are all at elite levels, but when drafting him next season you'll have to account for 20+ missed games. He finishes the year just inside the top-50 in total value. The Rockets are going to handle him with care as they're more than comfortable letting James Harden carry the load during the regular season.

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