• Chris Paul
    PG, Houston Rockets

    Chris Paul went off for 27 points, eight assists, three rebounds, three steals, one block and three 3-pointers in the Rockets' 102-82 win over the Wolves on Wednesday night.

    In Game 1, it was James Harden that stuck it to Minnesota. Game 2 brought Paul's turn as he hit 10-of-18 including 3-of-5 from long range. This is one thing about this year's Rockets team that has been somewhat underrated. For all of Harden's skill and his MVP season, it may seem like all the pressure is on him. But with one of the best point guards of this generation backing him up, they're able to share the load. With all his playoff failures behind him, CP3 has to be ecstatic at the thought of what is appearing to be one of the easiest first round series of his career.

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