• In an interview with Rich Eisen, Mark Cuban said “DSJ is phenomenal, we’re not expecting miracles in season one but I think he really has the chance to be something special.”

    Cuban had some other promising things to say about his prized rookie. “He’s committed to getting better every day, he’s just got that mindset of a winner where he doesn’t just want to be an athlete with a motor that plays basketball, he wants to be a basketball player with a great basketball IQ that also happens to be an amazing athlete,” Cuban gushed. Smith Jr. was voted as the favorite for Rookie of the Year by the incoming NBA rookies so the pressure is on to perform and coach Rick Carlisle is likely to give him a healthy dose of minutes. Yogi Ferrell, J.J. Barea and Devin Harris are all options to get minutes off the bench but DSJ is the one who will likely provide fantasy owners with solid top-20 PG production straight out the gate.


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