• Steph Curry finished with 28 points, four assists, four boards on 6-of-8 from deep and Kevin Durant posted 16 points, six assists, 10 boards on 0-of-5 from downtown in Monday’s loss to the Jazz.

    The Jazz had something to play for and the Warriors didn’t so they didn’t push their starters. Draymond Green only played 25 minutes as well. This was Durant’s second game back and has had consecutive double-doubles. Unfortunately it’s too little too late for a lot of owners. The Durantula still finished top-8 in total production and number 1 in per game. His injury came at the worse possible time for owners trying to make a run. 

    Curry finished in the top-2 despite seeing decreased production across the board. With Durant healthy for a full year next season he could drop a couple more spots potentially. 

    The Warriors have one more game against the Lakers on Wednesday. Check back to see if the starters end up playing or not. They may opt to keep them out there to build more chemistry with Durant back. 

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