• Danilo Gallinari scored 24 points on 8-of-12 shooting (including four threes) with four rebounds, three assists and one block in Tuesday’s home loss to the Kings.

    This game will be remembered more for the postgame comments than this stat line, as Michael Malone ripped into his veterans for lack of leadership and when presented with that info in the locker room Gallo did not agree with the assessment. 

    It’s probable that these two pros can work through any frustrations they have with one another, but mostly this is what happens when you crowd too many assets on one team, with a struggling young point guard and a chucker in Wilson Chandler, and then proceed to pile up a bunch of losses.  Gallo’s defense early in the season was deplorable and collectively this team just needs some good things to happen (and a trade) and they’ll be back to exceeding expectations.


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