• Danilo Gallinari had his best game of the year on Saturday, logging 36 minutes and scoring a season-high 25 points along with three rebounds, two assists, one steal and two threes on 8-of-19 shooting.

    Gallinari even knocked down all seven free throws and has always been a great guy to boost your numbers from the charity stripe. Hopefully his strained glute is behind him (that’s not a joke, we don’t think), as he’s got some nice opportunity in front of him with Blake Griffin out of action. He’ll be the Clippers’ primary scorer so long as he’s healthy for the next month or so and could churn out games like this in his sleep if he gets rolling. You can try to pry him away from an impatient owner right now but you’ll have to weigh Gallinari’s perpetual injury risk in any deal.

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