• Shane Larkin
    PG, Boston Celtics

    Danny Ainge believes Shane Larkin is likely to miss most of, if not all, of the Eastern Conference Finals series against LeBron James and the Cavs.

    Throughout the playoffs, Larkin has averaged 14 minutes per game, so losing those minutes in the rotation will force Brad Stevens' hand to make some key rotation decisions. Larkin was the energy boost off the bench and primary point guard behind Terry Rozier, so even though his stats do not show it he had a tremendous impact on the court. In Game 5 without Larkin, Rozier played 40 minutes and no new players were added to the rotation. Therefore, fatigue might be the biggest factor added to the Celtics team without Larkin as his 14 minutes will likely be added to the likes of Rozier, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown. If Larkin comes back it will likely be near the end of the series, but the Celtics are planning as if he will not play.

    Source: Chris Forsberg on Twitter

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