• Danny Green
    G/F, Toronto Raptors

    Danny Green shot a career-high .455 from behind the arc this season, capping off a great year with seven points, two rebounds, four assists, a steal, a block and a triple in Tuesday's win over the Wolves.

    Green also went a career-best .466 overall. It was good to see him play tonight, as he tweaked his ankle in Sunday's overtime win. Green's been one of Toronto's most pivotal pieces this season, and his 3-and-D prowess is going to be huge in the postseason. He was a frustrating player and more of a roto asset over his last few years in San Antonio, but his first season with the Raptors surpassed even the wildest expectations. Green ends the season as a top-105/85 per-game player, and his 80 games bump him way up to the top-75/55 in total value. He's going to draw a ton of interest this summer.