• James Harden
    PG, Houston Rockets

    Daryl Morey talked about load management for James Harden and Russell Westbrook on the Dan Patrick Show, and when asked about whether that was part of the plan he said "Yeah, it always is (part of the strategy).

    "We try not to label it. It’ll be a very put together plan by our staff throughout the season to have our guys peak in April," said Morey. Harden has won that battle and stayed on the floor as he played through injuries to pursue MVP awards, and Westbrook isn't exactly known for dialing it down, though both players could be wise to limit their pitch counts at this stage of their careers. On the other hand, the Rockets' depth is practically nil and they need to re-learn how to play together, so this could easily be a case of August talk not mattering a whole lot. We'll be monitoring the situation throughout the preseason.

    Source: Alykahn Bijani on Twitter