• Frank Ntilikina
    G, New York Knicks

    David Fizdale said that the purpose of playing Frank Ntilikina on the wing to start the season was to give him clarity.

    Fizdale detailed his master plan with Ntilikina, "By taking that time for him to just being a wing out there. He saw different things on how the team functions, he saw how he can be effective. But when I put the ball back in his hands, I think he felt a lot more at ease and not as much, ‘I have to be this.’" It seems Ntilikina is back to "point guard of the future" status so the assist numbers should go up a little as he had seven in each of the last two games. His defense is already stellar but the shooting still needs a lot of work. He shot 36.4 percent from the field last year and that part of his game has clearly not improved as he is at 36.8 percent so far this season. To combat this, he is taking only 8.4 shot attempts per game.

    Source: NY Post