• DeAndre Jordan put up 24 points, 17 rebounds and one assist on 9-of-12 shooting in 40 minutes in Sunday’s Game 7 loss vs. the Jazz.

    Jordan was also 6-of-15 from the Free Throw line and the Jazz weren’t hesitating to send him there. He and Chris Paul did all they could to get the Clippers to the next round but it just wasn’t enough. With the Clippers failing to make any noise in the post season this year, it might be time for the team to break up. Doc Rivers has said that he wants to keep the team together and stay as the coach, but the tune might change in the offseason. DeAndre has had arguably the best season of his career this year, but if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin decide to leave this offseason, his production could decrease due to the lack of talent around him. Either way, Jordan should still be picked between the third and fourth rounds this season, just know you’ll have to punt Free Throw Percentage. 

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