• DeAndre Jordan said he would be open to a contract extension with the Clippers, according to Zach Lowe.

    “If they want me, yeah, I’d love to be here,” Jordan says. “But I don’t have an extension, do I? So we’ll see.” Jordan can hit free agency this summer if a deal is not struck. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said the team would love to have Jordan back next season, but it all depends on the numbers. “We want DJ back,” Rivers said. “We think we can win a title building around him and Blake. You also need room in the budget for other people.” It is for this reason that talks have stalled on an extension. Jordan believes he is closer to a max salary player and the Clippers are hesitant to spend up to $35 million on Jordan because they then would have to strip their roster in order to sign another star player. A deal has to be made by June 30 or Jordan hits free agency.

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