• De'Anthony Melton
    G, Phoenix Suns

    According to NBA cap expert Albert Nahmad, De'Anthony Melton can only get a maximum two-year contract from the Phoenix Suns.

    Nahmad explains that Houston was able to sign Melton for up to three years, but such a contract would have placed a 30-day moratorium on any trades. Since being traded to Phoenix, Melton can now only get two years maximum plus the Gilbert Arenas restricted free agent provision. Per Hoops Rumors, the Arenas provision "limits the first-year salary that rival suitors can offer restricted free agents who have only been in the league for one or two years. The starting salary for an offer sheet can’t exceed the amount of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception, which allows the player’s original team to use either the mid-level exception or the Early Bird exception to match it. Otherwise, a team without the necessary cap space would be powerless to keep its player, like the Warriors were with Arenas."

    Source: Albert Nahmad on Twitter

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