• DeMarre Carroll hinted that his season may not be in jeopardy.

    Carroll stated to reporters on Wednesday that it’s just “speculation” that he’s out and that he’s trying to determine the “best time to come back.” The Raptors have been pretty hush about his injury and he hasn’t even been spotted on the bench at home games recently so we’re not sure which direction to believe. He’s almost unstashable at this point in virtually all formats but the Raps hope to have him back in time for a playoff run in the Eastern conference. It’s reported that he hasn’t done much for three weeks and that the swelling is gone. The doctors have apparently have given him the OK and he wants to ramp up his activity in practice and then eventually in games before the regular season. There is still no concrete timetable for his return to be clear and the Raptors ideally would like him to get his legs under him before the postseason, but very likely could opt to play it safe as well.

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